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Podcasts allow educators to communicate with students, parents and the community outside the traditional classroom. Podcasts can be used to motivate learners, review content, and provide variety in the learning environment. Participants will learn how to create and edit a podcast using the free download Audacity, export the podcast and publish it to the web.





  • Personal On Demand Casts - Workshop objectives 
  • Workshop resources - business card
  • Your expectations
  • Video: Podcasting in Plain English
  • Podcast examples 
  • Podcasting in the Classroom*
    • Partners read and share info 
  • Download Sites
  • Resources - music, sound 
  • Audacity intro 
    • Audacity preferences
  • Record first podcast - welcome message
    • add background music, sound effect
    • Audacity tool bar 
  • Work time
  • Share podcasts 


Getting Started with Podcasting


Examples of Podcasts


Podcasting in the Classroom


 Download Sites

  • Download Audacity 1.2.6 - 1.2 Series (might need to click Direct Link)
  • Lame MP3 Encoder - allows Audacity to export MP3 files 
    • Export MP3 the first time and Audactiy asks you to locate the lame_enc.dll file. Go to Progams and locate the Lame for Audacity folder. Select the lame_enc.dll file and open it.  
  • Download PhotoStory 3 
  • gPodder - Free Podcatcher 


Podcasting 101 with Audacity


Audacity Tips and Tricks

  • Morph Your Voice in Audacity
  • Robotic Voice
    • Record your message
    • Select all - CTRL+A
    • Effects --> Delay
    • Change Decay Amount to 13, Delay time to .009, Number of Echos to 30 - Click OK
    • Repeat Delay - CTRL+R - 6 times
    • Playback your sound track 


Additional Resources


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