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Technology Network for Girls

Secondary teams of 1 female and 1 teacher will explore activities using the new mini Netbook. Participants will explore hands-on, interactive activities using the mini netbook and learn Google search tricks and strategies and other research tools. Participating districts must have wireless access.




Meet Your Dell Netbook

  • Set up tablet
  • Network Connection
    • Start-->Control Panel-->Network and Internet Connections-->Set up
  • Touch Pad
    • Adjust volume first 
    • Start-->All Programs-->Elan-->Multi-Touch Gestures Demo
    • Magnifying glass, rotate, zoom in/out, switch window, my computer, swipe, cover 
  • Dell Webcam
    • Start-->All Programs-->Dell Webcam-->Dell Webcam Central 


Search Features


Google Maps 

  • Explore the map
  • Search nearby - turn on Photos
  • Get directions - bike, public transit
  • Search local eatery, click more info for reviews, ratings, hours, etc 
  • Street view 


Google Docs


Social Media 


Other Resources


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